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non-slip paper - production

Types of Non-slip Paper According to Type of Material and Anti-slip Coating

ENDUPACK SA offers many different types of non-slip papers to find the best solution according the customer´s needs. Every shipment is different, with different pallets, different packaging material, different goods and so on. Our goal is to provide the best solution for the stability of your pallet unit during transport from production to its final...

With-Without - Grip Sheet

Efficiency of anti slip sheets part1

Anti slip sheets are made from testliner and an anti slip coating. Our anti slip coating is polymer based and 100% recycled. The main function of our anti slip sheets is to increase the friction between layers in packaging. They’re multifunctional, capable of use in most branches of industry. However, some products and packaging materials...

non slip sheet

Non-slip Sheet

Endupack S.A. became the first company in Europe to offer non-slip paper to protect shipping goods from sliding on pallets. We offer non-slip sheets through more than 45 distributors around the world. Thanks to those distributors, we can provide customers quality service, a quick response to requirements and problem solving to find the best solutions...

Coefficent of Friction

Anti-slip Coating by Endupack

Endupack started off developing anti-slip coating in 1987. This first incarnation of anti-slip paper technology was called Stop Gliss. The unique coating was designed to cover all the surfaces of a sheet of virgin kraftliner paper, making it possible for the sheets to have contact with a variety of products while keeping them secure. Later,...