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Endupack S.A.: Producing anti-slip paper since 1987

Endupack SA is global supplier of recyclable anti-slip paper. Today, Endupack offers several non-slip solutions for all your shipping needs. Endupack is based in France, but has a global team of 35 distributors around the world. They adopted the vision of the 3R worldwide philosophy: Replace, Reduce and Recycle. This vision coordinates perfectly with our non-slip solutions. Our anti-slip Grip Sheet replaces the standard wide corrugated cardboard sheet, reducing waste from packaging materials. Their waterproof design ensures protection against damage, making them 100% reusable, as well as recyclable.

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About the Grip Sheet Online Project

The Grip Sheet Online Project is designed to bring more information to interested parties. The Website gripsheet-endupack.uk.co provides information about our products and non-slip applications to visitors and potential clients. It also offers free price calculations and visual aids showing the advantages of anti-slip paper. Should the client wish to arrange a test of the product, they can discuss the possibility via online communication with our team.

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Market for Non-slip paper Grip Sheet

Who is interested in Grip Sheets? The answer is all companies who care about the strength and packaging quality of their pallets. Endupack offers several quality products designed to meet the individual requirements for manual palletization or automatic palletization to suit all their customers’ needs.

Our products are used in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics, chemical, construction, and computing and electronics industries.

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