Non-Slip Paper – Friction & Environment


Endupack guarantees a non-sliding angle of 41°. However, the sliding angle always varies depending on the products placed on the grip sheet.

For the sake of hard data and independent confirmation of its claims, Endupack filled out an NF Q03-083 form, which ordered a special test to determine the coefficient of friction for its product through the tilting plane method. This test not only confirmed Edupack’s claims, but also proved just how inefficient the standard recycled cardboard divider sheets are in comparison.

It is important to note, however, that this coefficient of friction from the test is given as an indication, not as a concrete certainty. Friction properties are dependent on a variety of factors, including the surfaces involved, the weight of the product and the product’s dimensions. That is why Endupack recommends you try a sample, before putting in your order. A test in real conditions of use helps to ensure the best results for you as a client in the long run.

With-Without - Grip Sheet

Environment, health and regulatory

The anti-slip Grip Sheet paper is recyclable, reusable and energetically valuable product. The behavior of its coating is similar to hotmelt, which is used regularly to seal and construct boxes and cartons. Our anti-slip coating is not-toxic, and doesn’t cause skin irritation. Endupack’s anti-slip coating is regulated to fit the standards set by Directive 94/62/CE, and is certified as safe for direct contact with both dry and wet foods by remaining Compliant with the European Union‘s REACH regulation.

To sum it all up, Endupack’s non-slip coating is still among one of the best products out there. It has, and will continue to revolutionize the shipping industry as Endupack moves forward to supply healthy, economical and environmentally sustainable solutions to your shipping needs.

recycable- anti slip paper