Grip´n Slip Sheet – Introduction


ENDUPACK SA presents Grip’n Slip Sheets used for palletless handling. Slip Sheets were developed in the United States of America in the twentieth century. The first well-known companies to use this revolutionary product were Apple and Walmart. Over the years, slip sheet handling has spread out from the United States to Asia, Europe and other continents.

Slip Sheet

A Slip Sheet is a thin pallet-sized sheet made from kraftliner that’s designed to replace wooden pallets for transporting goods. Dimensions of the product are varied, giving companies a wide array of options. The most commonly used dimensions are the same as a typical wooden pallet. However, the height of the slip sheet ranges from a 0.9mm up to 1.5mm, and the weight is just up to 0.5kg. That’s a significant difference compared to a pallet.

slip sheet

Grip´n Slip Sheet

The unique brand of slip sheet developed by ENDUPACK SA is called Grip´n Slip Sheet, and it has a big advantage over the standard slip sheet, because of its unique anti-slip layer built into the top. This special design grants better stability for shipments and protects goods against the typical sliding effects of inertia. Grip´n Slip Sheets decrease damages during the transport and loading or unloading of shipments.


Advantages of Anti Slip layer:

  • No need to use stretch film.
  • No need to use special slip sheets with locks.
  • Safer loading in comparison to standard Slip Sheets.
  • No need for anti-slip glue or extra anti-slip sheets.
  • Less damage and injuries caused by falling goods.

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