Types of Non-slip Paper According to Type of Material and Anti-slip Coating

non-slip paper - production

ENDUPACK SA offers many different types of non-slip papers to find the best solution according the customer´s needs. Every shipment is different, with different pallets, different packaging material, different goods and so on. Our goal is to provide the best solution for the stability of your pallet unit during transport from production to its final destination. This ensures more customers can obtain the goods they want without sorting through damaged products to find the one that’s whole. Since no two cargos are exactly alike, our company has a variety of materials and coatings to choose from for our non-slip paper.

Sheet Materials

  • Testliner
  • Polyester Film
  • Photopaper

Types of Anti-slip Coating

ENDUPACK offers three main variations of anti-slip coating: Fully coated, alternate stripes (Light coating) and Square Grip.

Fully Coating = Grip Sheet

Fully coated non-slip paper has a full anti-friction coating on both sides, and is known as a grip sheet. The weight of anti-friction coating is 30gr/m2, a minimal increase in weight, but all the difference in gripability.

Here’s what you’ll have to consider in weight:

90g/m2 sheet + 30gr/m2 anti-friction coating = 120gr/m2 total.

These sheets are ideal for holding products at the base, so that you can have a sturdy foundation to stack additional layers of product.

Alternate stipe = Light coating

As the name implies, this model of coating is designed to cover 50% of the total surface, and can be divided into two types of coating that give you added weight ratios of either 30gr/m2 or 20gr/m2, depending on the layout you choose.

Square Grip Sheet

With this particular model of sheet, our anti-friction coating covers 30% of the surface in a checkerboard pattern for a total added weight of only 12gr/m2. If you’re looking to save a little money, while still retaining an adequate grip on your products, this may be the choice for you.

Please contact us for further information, pricing and tests. Our team of representatives is standing by. Thank you for choosing ENDUPACK.