Efficiency of anti slip sheets part1

With-Without - Grip Sheet

Anti slip sheets are made from testliner and an anti slip coating. Our anti slip coating is polymer based and 100% recycled. The main function of our anti slip sheets is to increase the friction between layers in packaging. They’re multifunctional, capable of use in most branches of industry. However, some products and packaging materials are more suitable for our product than others.

Coefficent of Friction

Let´s focus on efficiency of anti slip sheets

The efficiency of anti slip sheets depends on several key factors:

  1. Influence of shape and packaging material

The coefficient of friction for a layer between goods depends on the contact area and contact material. Our anti slip sheets are designed to work well with boxes, PET and paper bags, PET buckets, cans and even glass, with sufficient contact area. Some of the best raw materials to match with our sheets are corrugated cardboard, kraftliner, plastic and glass.

  1. Pallet Unit Height

The height of the layers on a pallet plays a key role in any shipping job. The key lies in the relation between gravity frictions. The higher the stacking gets on a shipping pallet, the easier it is for the cargo to bend and fall apart. The friction force between layers must be greater than bending (lateral) force. Otherwise, the pallet unit would be unstable. Our anti slip sheets increase the coefficient of friction between the layers, allowing for higher stacking and more stability than the average piece of corrugated cardboard.

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