Savings with non-slip paper made by ENDUPACK part 1

Endupack is a worldwide producer of non-slip paper. Our head office is situated in France, and we have a global team of disributors waiting to fill orders and help customers protect their goods while saving time, money, handling fees, waste and so much more.

Our Teams always try to find the most efficient solution for you!


Types of savings

Our non-slip paper can replace corrugated cardboard, keeping your packages safe and secure while reducing cost in weight, space and security expenses. The secret lies in our paper‘s non-slip dot technology. These tiny dots are designed to increase friction while adding an extra sense of cushion to keep boxes and other cargo in a fixed position during transport. In other words, you don´t have to use heavyweight frictionless corrugated cardboard anymore.

„Want some statistics? We can show you the savings the XYZ company made. They use 120,000 sheets per year with a bi-monthly order of 20,000.“

Transport savings

  • 500g/m2 corrugated cardboard is packed at 500pcs per pallet → 20,000pcs = 40 pallets
  • 90g/m2 non-slip paper is packed at 5000pcs per pallet → 20,000pcs = 4 pallets

Transport 4 pallets every two months, not 40 pallets!!!

Storage capacity

  • Free up space to store your products, instead of heavy pallets.

Store 4 pallets, not 40!!!

Handling with sheets

  • Reduce handling with pallets of sheets.

Our non-slip sheets‘ unique dotted surface acts with the concerted force of thousands of tiny suction cups to form a powerful vacuum that holds goods in place on an otherwise slippery surface. Combining this with the volume of sheets gained compared to corrugated cardboard, and you’ll be saving in security costs and have your orders take up 1/10 as much space!!!

Reduce waste

  • Total weight of 20,000pcs of 500g/m2 corrugated cardboard dimension EUR pallet is 10,000kg.
  • Total weight of 20,000pcs of 90g/m2 non-slip paper EUR pallet dimension is 1,800kg.

That’s a difference of nearly eighty percent in weight and ninety percent in volume when shipping an order of our non-slip sheets versus corrugated cardboard.

Think economically. Think ENDUPACK!!!

recycable- anti slip paper

Check our blog for more examples of advantages from our non-slip paper.

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